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Mine Rescue

Kovatera can provide a solution for a variety of underground utility vehicle applications. The Kovatera Mine Rescue vehicle is built on the Kovatera KT200. Select an application below to learn more about our Kovatera utility vehicle solutions.

KT200 Ambulance enclosure (1)

KT200 Mine Rescue - Closed Box

The KT200 can be configured to be used as a mine rescue vehicle, in the case of an emergency.  Configurations can be as simple as a rear enclosure with a stretcher package, which includes and additional door on the rear enclosure to accommodate a stretcher being loaded, as well as retractable legs that extend the width of the rear seat to accommodate the stretcher.  This would allow a standard KT2+8 configured vehicle to be used as an ambulance when the need arises.

The Mine Rescue vehicle can also be purpose built to include an array of monitoring equipment such as thermal cameras, external temperature sensors and gas detectors (LEL, 02, CO & NO2).  This configuration would also accommodate rescue personnel and their equipment to be dispatched in the case of a fire or other underground emergency.

KT200 Mine Rescue - Open Box

The KT200 personnel carrier does not have to be equipped with a rear enclosure, it can be configured with an open box with bench seats.  This configuration can be equipped with a stretcher package, which would enable it to be used as an ambulance in the case of an emergency.

KT200 Ambulance open box (1)
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