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Installing Electrical Cable

Kovatera can provide a solution for a variety of underground utility vehicle applications. The Kovatera application for Installing Electrical Cable is built on the Kovatera KM200. Select an application below to learn more about our Kovatera utility vehicle solutions.

KM200 cable reeler scissor deck

KM200 Cable Reeler With Scissor Deck

The KM200 Cable Reeler is the perfect product for installing cable; compact yet capable. The unit can handle up to a 7-foot diameter reel, weighing up to 5500 lbs. The cable reel arms are hydraulically driven, allowing for installation or retrieval of cable. The rear of the Cable Reeler is equipped with a triple scissor deck that can reach 15’5” to the deck floor.

KM200 Cable Reeler With Cable Pusher

Cable installation can be eased with the use of a hydraulic cable pusher, allowing for the safe and easy execution of what is usually a cumbersome task.

KM200 cable pusher scissor deck
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