The Safest, Toughest, Most Reliable And
Versatile Machine In Its Class.


General Specifications
Seating Capacity* (Including Operator) 3-10
Inner Turning Radius * 10 ft. 10 in. 3.3 m
Outer Turning radius * 20 to 24 ft. 6 in. 6.1 to 7.47 m
Gross Weight * 10500 to 22600 lbs 4763 to 12020 kg
Cargo Capacity * up to 6500 lbs up to 2948 kg
* Based on machine configuration
General Dimensions
Overall Height * 73 to 94 in. 1.85 to 2.39 m
Overall Width * 80.5 to 88.5 in. 2.04 to 2.25 m
Overall Length * 152 to 225 in. 3.86 to 5.72 m
* Based on machine configuration

KM200 Mine Utility Vehicle

If You Need Any Solution, We Are Available For You

  • Highly successful safety record
  • Units operating with over 20,000 hours in the field
  • Triple the life of tractor type utility
  • Unsurpassed reliability and availability

  • Improved line of sight for greater visibility and safer materialhandling
  • Superior operator ergonomics
  • Ramp certified
  • Extensively tested for stability

  • Turbo-charged, 4 cylinder engine exceeds underground emission standards (MSHA/CANMET)
  • Powershift fully synchronized 4×4 transmission
  • Proven industrial type front and rear axles with enclosed wet discs and SAHR type braking
  • Ergonomically designed operator compartment with easy read gauges and fire-resistant wiring
  • Flip-open hood for quick maintenance access
  • Conforms to EN 1889-1:2011 and available with FOPS/ROPS certified enclosed cab

  • Reduced cost of underground commissioning
  • Easier attachment change
  • Ability to deliver modular components underground in the smallest of cages

  • The KM200 is not an adapted, converted or modified vehicle. It is built from the ground up using advanced technology with proven components to make a vehicle that outperforms the competition in all categories.
  • NOTE: this vehicle is not approved for public road use.

  • The KM200 is the only real choice for your underground operations. For more information on this and other
    Kovatera products, contact us at [email protected].
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