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Mobile Mechanical Support

Kovatera can provide a solution for a variety of underground utility vehicle applications. The Kovatera Mobile Mechanical Support loadout is built on the Kovatera KT200. Select an application below to learn more about our Kovatera utility vehicle solutions.

KT200 reg cab lwb mechanic truck

KT200 Mobile Mechanical Support

If you have the requirement to have your maintenance personnel mobile and arrive fully prepared for the task at hand, then the Kovatera KT200 mechanics truck is just what you need. The truck can be customized to your requirements with such items as toolboxes, air compressor, arc welder, crane, etc. Everything you require, regardless of the job.

KM200 Crane Basket

The KM200 can also be used for Mechanical Support functions when equipped with a crane in the rear cargo box.  In this configuration, you can transport maintenance personnel and material to the work sight and have more than 1000kg lifting capacity.

KM200 crane basket
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