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Personnel carriers

Kovatera can provide a solution for a variety of underground utility vehicle applications. The Kovatera Personnel Carriers are built on the Kovatera KT200 and the Kovatera KM200. Select an application below to learn more about our Kovatera utility vehicle solutions.


KT200 Personnel Carriers - Closed Box

Whether the requirement is for a dedicated personnel carrier or a multi-functional utility vehicle, Kovatera has a wide range of configurations that can suit your needs. The KT200 can be configured as a regular cab or crew cab and can be equipped with open or enclosed rear compartments for an additional 3 to 8 passengers.  Regular cabs can accommodate 2+6 or 2+8 passengers, and crew cabs can accommodate 5+3 passengers.

KT200 Personnel Carriers - Open Box

The KT200 can be configured with an open box on the rear and equipped with bench seats.  In this configuration the cargo box can be utilized to move personnel and/or materials.


KT200 Personnel Carriers - Crew Cab

The KT200 can be configured with as a crew cab, allowing for 2 personnel in the front seats and 3 personnel in the back seats.  Behind the crew cab, the rear configuration can be a flat deck with fold down sides, a cargo box or an enclosure allowing for 3 more front facing passengers (for a total of eight front facing passengers).

KM200 Personnel Carriers - Open Box

The KM200 comes standard with three seats in the operators’ compartment, regardless of how the rear of the unit is configured.

Personnel carriers - Utility Underground mining top view
Personnel carriers - Utility Underground mining

KM200 Personnel Carriers

On the KM200, in addition to the operator, it can seat two additional passengers in the operator’s compartment.  The KM200 can also be configured with a rear basket with 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 seats, bringing the maximum capacity up to 10 people.  In addition to the ability to transport personnel, the KM200 can also have a front configuration of loader arms or forklift mast, thus increasing the utilization of the unit when not being used as a personnel carrier.

KM200 Personnel Carriers

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