KM200 Utility Truck Series

The Safest, Toughest, Most Reliable And Versatile Machine In Its Class.


Lowest Capital Cost

Smallest Footprint

Most Manoeuverable

• Highly successful safety record
• Units operating with over 20,000
hours in the field
• Triple the life of tractor type utility
• Unsurpassed reliability and

• improved line of sight for greater
visibility and safer material
• superior operator ergonomics
• ramp certified
• extensively tested for stability

• Turbo-charged, 4 cylinder engine
exceeds underground emission
standards (MSHA/CANMET)
• Powershift fully synchronized
4x4 transmission
• Proven industrial type front and
rear axles with enclosed wet discs
and SAHR type braking
• Ergonomically designed operator
compartment with easy read
gauges and fire-resistant wiring
• Flip-open hood for quick
maintenance access
• Conforms to EN 1889-1:2011 and
available with FOPS/ROPS certified
enclosed cab

  • Reduced cost of underground commissioning
  • Easier attachment change
  • Ability to deliver modular components underground in the smallest of cages

The KM200 is not an adapted,
converted or modified vehicle. It
is built from the ground up using
advanced technology with proven
components to make a vehicle that
outperforms the competition in all
NOTE: this vehicle is not approved
for public road use.

The KM200 is the only real choice
for your underground operations. For
more information on this and other
Kovatera products, contact us at [email protected].


Browse the options below for the Kovatera solution that fits your challenge. Choose a powertrain type and start configuring your vehicle. We also provide a comprehensive list of attachments and aftermarket components.

Icon Cleaning Prepping Face

Cleaning & Preparing the Face

Icon Mechanic Crane

Mobile Mechanical Support

KM200 & KT200

Icon Working in Back of Heading

Working At Heights On Mine Service

KM200 & KT200

Icon Installing Electrical Cable

Installing Electrical Cable

KM200 & KL300

Icon Loading Explosives

Loading Explosives

Icon Excavating and Digging

Excavating and Digging

Icon Handling Materials

Handling Materials

KT200 & KM200

Icon Crew Cab

Personnel Carriers

KM200 & KT200

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