KT200e Utility Truck Series

Kovatera’s Second Generation Electric Utility Vehicle.

KT200e landing NEW

Retrofit Kit Available For Kovatera Diesel KT200

Three Times The Economic Life

Twice The Payload

Optional Extended Range Battery Pack

Save Capital Spending With Suitable Battery Size

KT200e Has A Proven Track Record In The Mining Industry

• Highly successful safety record
• Triple the life of automotive type utility vehicles
• Unsurpassed reliability and availability
• Heavy-duty axles
• Modular frame construction
• Dedicated hydraulic system
• Superior hydraulic steering
• Adjustable front/rear suspension matching GVW
• Tight turn radius
• FOPS/ROPS Level II certified cabs
• Four-wheel SAHR braking
• Operator-friendly suspension for smoother ride
• Industrial style door safety detents
• Heavy gauge cushion impact frame material
• Forward facing seating
• Insulated sound dampening
• 3-speed high volume heating and ventilation system
• Enhanced ergonomics and comfort
• Standard 3-point harness

Cab/Chassis Exceed ISO Requirements

  • ROPS – ISO 3471:2008
  • Seat index point – ISO 5353
  • FOPS – ISO 3449 Level 2
  • Seatbelt restraint anchorage – ISO 6683

High-performance, Liquid Cooled Battery Pack:

• 44kwh standard with optional
• Range of the vehicle can be
tailored from 50 to 90km for
specific applications
• Charge time for a fully depleted
battery pack is approximately
1.5hrs – 3.5hrs with an onboard
600v charger
• Battery life matches or exceeds the
known economic asset life of the
unit at seven to nine years

Modular Frame Eliminates The Need To Cut And Reweld Underground

  • Reduced cost of underground commissioning
  • Easier attachment change
  • Ability to deliver modular components underground in the smallest of cages

Designed And Built Specifically For Underground Mining

The KT200e is not an adapted, converted or modified vehicle. It is built from the ground up using advanced technology with proven components to make a vehicle that outperforms the competition in all categories.

NOTE: this vehicle is not approved for public road use.

Mine-designed, tested and approved

The KT200e is the only real choice for your undergound operations. For more information on this and other Kovatera products, visit kovatera.com or contact us at [email protected].


Browse the options below for the Kovatera solution that fits your challenge. Choose a powertrain type and start configuring your vehicle. We also provide a comprehensive list of attachments and aftermarket components.

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Mine Rescue


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Mobile Mechanical Support

KM200 & KT200

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Working At Heights On Mine Service

KM200 & KT200

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Handling Materials

KT200 & KM200

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Personnel Carriers

KM200 & KT200

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